Anti Inflammation Natural Herbal Extracts Antisepsis Organic Menthol Crystals CAS 89-78-1

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BOVLIN
Certification: ISO9001/Halal/Kosher/GMP
Model Number: BL-Peppermint Extract
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: DRUM, CARTON
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 TONS PER MONTH
Detail Information
Product Name: Menthol Crystals CAS NO.: 89-78-1
Appearance: White Crystal Lead Time: 1-3 Working Days After Payment
Certificate: ISO9001/Halal/Kosher/GMP Grade: Food Grade
MOQ: 1kg Application: Antisepsis And Anti-Inflammation
Shelf Life: 2 Years Specification: 100%
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CAS 89-78-1 Powdered Herbal Extracts


Anti Inflammation Organic Menthol Crystals


Antisepsis Organic Menthol Crystals

Product Description

Antisepsis And Anti-Inflammation CAS 89-78-1 Organic Menthol Crystals

1. Introduction of Menthol Crystals

Menthol, also called menthol, is a terpenoid organic compound with the chemical formula C10H20O. Menthol is extracted from the leaves and stems of peppermint, white crystals, and is the main component of peppermint and peppermint essential oils. Menthol generally has two isomers (D-type and L-type). Natural menthol is mainly L-isomer (L-menthol), where menthol generally refers to racemic menthol (DL-menthol). ). It is flammable, burns well, and burns without smoke. It is colorless needle-like or prismatic crystal or white crystalline powder; it has the special aroma of mint, and it is cool after burning at the beginning of the taste; the ethanol solution shows a neutral reaction. This product is easily soluble in ethanol, chloroform, ether, liquid paraffin or volatile oil, and very slightly soluble in water.


2. Parameters of Menthol Crystals

Product Name Menthol Crystals
Sample Available
CAS# 89-78-1
Appearance White crystal
Place of Origin China
Specification 100%
Shelf life 2 years
Grade Food grade



3. Functions of Menthol Crystals

1. Improve the flavor of food
Menthol is extracted from mint and has a strong aroma. Mint is often made into edible flavors to improve the flavor of food. There are many foods made from menthol, such as chewing gum or cake, which can satisfy people's taste buds and stimulate appetite.
2. Reduce swelling and relieve pain
Menthol can selectively stimulate the cold sensory nerves of the skin and mucous membranes, promote people to temporarily feel cool, stimulate the skin mucous membranes and vasoconstriction, thereby speeding up blood circulation and relieving skin swelling, pain and itching.
3. Anti-inflammatory and relieve itching
Menthol contains tea naphthalic acid, coupled with a strong fragrance, menthol has acrid and cooling properties, external use can stimulate the skin and mucous membranes can obviously feel cool, and can also reduce inflammation and relieve itching.
4. Dispelling wind and clearing heat
Menthol can clear heat, dispel wind and detoxify. Oral administration can assist in the treatment of wind-heat and the common cold, and relieve sore throat, headache, dizziness, red eyes and tinnitus caused by cold.


4. Application of Menthol Crystals

1. Menthol is used as a flavoring agent in toothpaste, perfume, beverages and candy.
2. It is used as a stimulant in medicine, acting on the skin or mucous membranes, and has the effect of cooling and relieving itching; orally, it can be used as a carminative for headache and inflammation of the nose, pharynx, and throat.
3. Its esters are used in fragrances and medicines.
4. Widely used in daily flavor, edible flavor, tobacco flavor. Generally 1100mg/kg in chewing gum; 400mg/kg in candy; 130mg/kg in baked goods; 68mg/kg in ice cream; 35mg/kg in soft drinks.
5. It is used as a special additive for curative effect cosmetics.


5. FAQ of Menthol Crystals

Q1: How to confirm the product quality before placing an order?
Answer: Samples can be provided free of charge, and we have an inspection report issued by an authoritative third-party inspection agency.
Question 2: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: For high value-added products, our MOQ starts from 10 grams. For other low-value products, our minimum order quantity starts from 100g and 1kg
Question 3: Do you provide OEM/ODM?
A: Of course you can. We are a company that combines industry and trade.
Question 4: When will it be delivered?
A: 3-7 working days after payment. It will change according to the quantity.
Question 5: How to order and pay?
A: We will send it to you. You can also pay by wire transfer, Western Union, escrow, PayPal, letter of credit
Question 6: Do you provide after-sales service?
A: The 24*7 service is for you.


6. Display of Menthol Crystals

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