99% Organic Burdock Root Powder Arctium Lappa Root Extract

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BOVLIN
Certification: ISO9001/Halal/Kosher/GMP
Model Number: Multiple specifications
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: DRUM, CARTON
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 TONS PER MONTH
Detail Information
Product Name: Burdock Root Powder Grade: Food Grade
Type: Herbal Extract Part: Root
Packaging: DRUM, CARTON Extraction Type: Liquid-Solid Extraction
Appearance: Brown Powder Shelf Life: 2 Years
Test Method: UV TLC HPLC Storage: Cool Dry Place
Application: Health-care Products Sample: Avaliable
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99% Organic Burdock Root Powder


Arctium Lappa Organic Burdock Root Powder


99% Arctium Lappa Root Extract

Product Description

Organic Burdock Root Powder Arctium Lappa Root Extract

1. Introduction of Burdock Root Powder

Burdock extract is an active ingredient extracted from the dried roots and fruits of the Compositae plant ArctiumlappaL.
It contains polyphenols (such as chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, etc.), flavonoids (such as quercetin, isoflavone, chrysalis isoflavone, bioflavin A), glycosides (such as picoside, citrinin, rutin), lignans (arctiin and aglycone), polysaccharides and other components. Burdock originated in China and was introduced to Japan around 940 AD, where it was improved as an edible vegetable. Because of its high nutritional value and good therapeutic effect, burdock enjoys the reputation of "Oriental ginseng" and "King of vegetables" in Japan. It has anti-tumor, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral, anti-diabetes, anti-oxidation, liver protection, erectile dysfunction and other pharmacological effects. Polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid and so on have been used as effective ingredients in medicine, health care products and cosmetics. Fructose-oligosaccharides have great application value in health care products and adjuvant cancer treatment drugs.


2. Parameters of Arctium Lappa Extract

Product Name Burdock Root Powder
Sample Available
Part Used Root
Appearance Brown powder
Place of Origin China
Specification 99%
Order characteristic
Test Method HPLC, UV



3. Functions of Burdock Root Powder

1. Anti-fatigue effect. Burdock extract can stimulate cell proliferation, enhance cell vitality, promote body growth, improve endurance and physical strength; It can also increase the basal metabolic rate to maintain energy supply, which increases endurance, strength and energy.
2. Anti-aging Effect Burdock has significant scavenging free radical and anti-oxidation ability, can obviously improve the SOD activity in liver tissue and serum, reduce the MDA level of the body, reduce cell damage and remove the deposition of aging metabolites, play an anti-aging effect.
3. Anti-tumor studies have shown that arctitin can inhibit the activity of phosphofructosylase in cancer cells, and arctigenin can also effectively inhibit the expression of heat shock protein in cancer cells, thus helping to kill cancer cells in high-temperature therapy.
4. Antibacterial and antiviral studies have found that burdock root extract of multiple alkynes can play a good antibacterial and antifungal role. Chlorogenic acid can also inhibit escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Micrococcus gamboge when it reaches a certain concentration.
5. Liver protective effect Burdock root water extract has a protective effect on liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride or acetaminophen in mice. It can dose-dependent reduce SCOT and SGPT levels, and reduce the degree of liver injury from Chemicalbook histopathology. The water extract of burdock root also had a protective effect on the liver damage caused by chronic alcohol poisoning and aggravated by carbon tetrachloride in mice.
6. Antioxidants. The ability to scavenge superoxide anion radical and hydroxyl radical of burdock root ethanol extract increased with the increase of concentration, and the scavenging ability of burdock root ethanol extract was stronger than that of burdock water extract.
7. Anti-diabetes effect.
The total lignan in Arctium lappa seed can significantly reduce the blood glucose and the contents of insulin and high-density lipoprotein in serum, and increase the contents of total cholesterol and triglyceride, proving that Arctium lappa seed can prevent the occurrence of diabetes complications.
8. Burdock root has potential development value in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Adding burdock oligosaccharides to fish feed can significantly promote the growth of fish to a certain extent, improve the utilization rate of fish to feed, and effectively improve the nutritional composition of fish and enhance the quality of fish.


4. Application of Arctium Lappa Extract

1. In the nutraceutical field, made into kinds of healthcare supplement products.
2. In the health field, used as medicine ingredients for drugs.


5. FAQ of Burdock Root Powder

Q1: How to confirm the product quality before placing an order?
Answer: Samples can be provided free of charge, and we have an inspection report issued by an authoritative third-party inspection agency.
Question 2: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: For high value-added products, our MOQ starts from 10 grams. For other low-value products, our minimum order quantity starts from 100g and 1kg
Question 3: Do you provide OEM/ODM?
A: Of course you can. We are a company that combines industry and trade.
Question 4: When will it be delivered?
A: 3-7 working days after payment. It will change according to the quantity.
Question 5: How to order and pay?
A: We will send it to you. You can also pay by wire transfer, Western Union, escrow, PayPal, letter of credit
Question 6: Do you provide after-sales service?
A: The 24*7 service is for you.


6. Display of Arctium Lappa Extract

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