Factory Natural Herbal Extracts Rosae Laevigatae Powder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BOVLIN
Certification: ISO9001/Halal/Kosher/GMP
Model Number: Bolin- Cherokee Rose Extract
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Cherokee Rose Extract Powder Goods will be paked in 1 Kg Aluminum Foil Bag; Above 25 Kgs Paper Drum; (Or as customer request)
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 TONS PER MONTH
Detail Information
Type: Herbal Extract Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Packaging: DRUM, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed Grade: Food $ Medical Grade
Product Name: Rosae Laevigatae Powder Specification: 10:1
Testing Method: TLC Color Of Cherokee Rose Extract Powder: Brown
Part Used: Fruit Origin Place: Chininese Cherokee Rose Extract Powder
Shelf Life Of Cherokee Rose Extract: 2 Years Finished Products Storage: Dry Container

Product Description

Factory Natural Herbal Extracts Rosae Laevigatae Powder

1.Introduction of Rosae Laevigatae Powder

Rosae laevigatae powder is sweet in taste and flat in nature. There are nourishing qi, quenching thirst, invigorating the spleen and lungs, nourishing blood and promoting fluid. It is used for spleen and lung qi deficiency, lack of food and fatigue, cough and asthma, insufficient qi and blood, yellow complexion, palpitations, shortness of breath, body wounds and thirst, internal heat to quench thirst. Lazy talk about shortness of breath, weakness of limbs, poor appetite, deficiency of qi, deficiency of both qi and body fluid, deficiency of both qi and blood, and chlorosis of blood deficiency. But the evidence is unresolved and it is full of evil and can not be used. The efficacy of this product is similar to that of ginseng, but its medicinal power is weak. It can be used instead of ginseng to treat general deficiency syndrome; ginseng should still be used for severe deficiency syndrome.


2.Parameters of Rosae Laevigatae Powder
English Name: Rosae laevigatae powder

Source: Cherokee Rose

Part Used: Root

Appearance: Brown Yellow to Light Yellow Powder

Specification: 10:1

Test Method: TLC

Place of Origin: China


3.Functions of Rosae Laevigatae Powder

Nourish middle, nourish qi, and promote body fluid. Cure spleen and stomach weakness, deficiency of qi and blood, body fatigue, lack of food, thirst, chronic diarrhea, and rectal prolapse.
① "Ben Jing Feng Yuan": Qing Lung.
② "Materia Medica Congxin": nourish the middle and nourish qi, harmonize the spleen and stomach, eliminate polydipsia.
③"Compendium Supplements": Treat lung deficiency and benefit lung qi.
④ "Science of Folk Herbs": blood tonic. It is suitable for chronic anemia, chlorosis, leukemia, adenopathy, and rickets.
⑤ "Handbook of Chinese Medicinal Materials": treatment of internal injuries due to fatigue, cold intestines and stomach, diarrhea and chronic dysentery, asthma and polydipsia, fever and spontaneous sweating, women's blood collapse, and fetal birth.

4.Application of Rosae Laevigatae Powder

Mainly used in medical and health care


5. FAQ of Rosae Laevigatae Powder

Q1: How to confirm the product quality before placing an order?

A: Can provide free samples, we have an authoritative third-party testing agency issued by the inspection report.
Q2: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: For high value-added products, our minimum order quantity starts from 10g. For other low value products, our minimum order quantity starts from 100g and 1kg
Q3: Is OEM / ODM provided?
A: Of course. We are a company integrating industry and trade.
Q4: What is the delivery time?
A: 3-7 working days after payment. It will change according to the quantity .
Q5: How to order and pay?
A:We'll send it to you. You can also order through telegraphic transfer, Western Union, third party trusteeship, PayPal, L / C payment.
Q6: Do you provide after-sales service?
A: 24 * 7 service is for you.

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