Shaanxi Bolin's February 2022 Work Summary And Commendation Meeting Was A Complete Success

March 7, 2022

On March 3, Shaanxi Bolin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. held the February 2022 work summary and commendation meeting. At the meeting, the heads of various departments comprehensively reviewed the key tasks and achievements in February and discussed the problems and problems that occurred. The improvement measures have been comprehensively analyzed and explained. At the same time, all departments have fully deployed the key tasks in 2022 and commended the outstanding teams in February and the advanced individuals in the year-end sprint in 2021.


1. Forged ahead despite twists and turns

At the end of December 2021, in the face of the sudden and severe challenge of the new crown epidemic, Bolin Bio took extraordinary measures to create conditions to overcome the difficulties, and all employees went all out to ensure the orderly development of the work. February is the first working month after the epidemic. In the face of severe challenges, all employees worked together after returning to work, and successfully achieved a good start in 2022.




2. The key work report of each department in February and Annual work deployment

The reporting team composed of various departments carried out work reports in an orderly manner through PPT pictures and texts, comprehensively analyzed and summarized the achievements made in all aspects in February, and rectified the problems that occurred. All departments have made a comprehensive deployment of key tasks in 2022, pointing out the way forward for employees, and at the same time strengthening everyone's determination to work hard.



3. The general manager delivered an important speech

After the reports of various departments, the general manager of the company, Mr. Lu, made a retrospective summary of the conference. First of all, he affirmed the excellent results achieved in February and summarized the key tasks completed. At the same time, he made plans and prospects for the key tasks in 2022.



4. Commend advanced



The last item of the meeting is to commend the advanced departments that have made outstanding achievements in the work in February and the advanced individuals in the year-end sprint in 2021, and issue honorary certificates and bonuses to the advanced departments and advanced individuals who have been commended, calling on all employees. We must follow their example, be united, work together, take the initiative, be brave, and continue to complete the tasks of 2022 with high quality.